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2017 New Year Speech-Peter Peng

2016-12-31 Sunway

Creating brilliant future together with the same dream

Get ready to start off, Sunway partners!


As the Chinese New Year, the year of the Rooster comes, Sunway Communication Co., has been developing successfully for more than ten years and it will step into the eleventh year. As this new journey starts, first I would like to express my sincere greetings and gratitude to Sunway all shareholders, customers, and suppliers, I specially want to thank and greet Sunway all employees and partners, because the future of Sunway requires each of our employees to come up with a master mentality, truly become partners, step by step towards our performance goals.

Sunway now stands in a new starting point for such partner culture. Looking back on the past year, we overcame the difficulties, found a path of Sunway’s own development: in the past ten years, together we created brilliant achievements, we successfully entered Antenna, Precision Hardware, Acoustics, Automobile Connector, Powder Metallurgy, Magnetic Materials and other fields, we formed Sweden, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian, Mianyang and Changzhou the industrial layout, group operation took shape; We provided first-class products and services for the world's leading high-tech companies, and were widely praised and recognized by customers; We achieved twelve consecutive quarter QoQ growth, and the company ranked first in more than 3000 listed companies…… All achievements were from every employee’s efforts and their contribution of the crystal wisdom. Therefore, on behalf of the board of directors of Sunway, on behalf of core management of Sunway, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff members and your families!


Looking forward to the future, we propose to the capital market 2017 profit 750 million, 2018 profit of {content} billion 200 million, and 2019 profit of {content} billion 560 million in performance commitments, this represents the confidence and belief in the future of Sunway for sustained and fast development. The next three years, Sunway will grow rapidly continuously, and it will be full of challenge, I know the road ahead is not to fight a lone battle but everyone to become a partner with the strength of the team to work together to create the future.

Sunway has been a high-speed developing company. The leapfrog development has been our genes and business philosophy. Partner culture was a catalyst for the past performance and it will be the core power to drive the company’s continuing rapid growth in the future. Through the way of equity incentives to employees, Sunway has encouraged every employee to move in the direction of becoming the partner. And the partner culture can't just be an empty talk, every one of us should be ready to be the partner. Become a partner means that each of us is the owner of Sunway, we should take the initiative to be responsible for the results of business operations, and no one can stay out; Become a partner means that we are one team to share risk and glory, to stand together facing storm and stress, and no excuse and wranglingBecome a partner means that we should always remind ourselves of keep running toward the goal and to maintain a positive attitude, no one can waste time.

 After a full discussion of the company's core executive team in 2016, Sunway identified five core values of partner culture, namely: Customer Satisfaction, Result-oriented, Pursuit of the Limit, Accountability and Honesty. To become a qualified Sunway partner, based on the credibility, we should take more responsibility and challenge, constant pursuit of perfection, results oriented to reach customer satisfaction. These five core values are the Sunway partner cultural interpretation, and they ensure the future success of Sunway, We will witness the greater glory when such a partner culture deeply implanted into each employee’s mind.

“Devote to be a global leading Supplier of Audio & RF component and Assembly with one-stop solution” is Sunway’s vision. Establish partner culture is the cornerstone of our success. That year in Yanan cave, Chairman Mao and all generals sit at the table making the strategy of how to fight against war, but by the power of culture, millions of armies willingly devoted themselves to. The future of Sunway is to become such a partner culture, million people united as one army to fight for brilliance.

The future of Sunway is in our hands, let us go together to build Sunway partner culture, fight for glory future and share profit.

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