2017 New Year Speech-Wilson Wu

2016-12-31 信维科技



New year is coming and everything will have a fresh start. After saying goodbye to the challenged  2016, we will welcome 2017 with hope and aggressiveness that it will be full of successes. On behalf of Board of Directors of Shenzhen Sunway Communication Co., Ltd. I want to show our sincere appreciate and my best wishes to all of you, for your hard work and great contribution. In addition, I want to bring rich blessings to you all and my deep respects.

Last year was our 10th anniversary, which was a milestone for Sunway. Under the guidance of company’s clear strategy,with the support of every business units and braches, as well as the hard working of every members of the company, our business have been running smoothly and we have achieved our goal that the revenue has been doubled in 2016.

We faced many challenges and economy uncertainties in the past year, we did not step back, instead, we run faster with the company’s key value keeping in mind “technical innovation, international, closer to customers, local support and One-stop service”. We kept making progress and providing complete RF solutions. With all of our work, company’s market share has boosting.

This year, we hired more talented people. By implementing a competitive and motivating compensation policy, the more individual contribute, the more they would gain. We also expand our business field and production capacity. Other than our basic business area such as antenna, connector, we also put more investment into audio industry and step in RF front-end related component. In order to benefit the company’s long-term development, Sunway has established a large manufactory in Changzhou to support our high-speed development. What we have achieved this year will become the solid base stone for company’s future. 

5G technique is next challenging tasks for the next five years, which can also be seen as big opportunity for us. Our company has kept pace with the development of the technological world. We put more effort into the development new technology and new product; keep digging out new market and customer resources, and work hard to be well prepared for the 5G generation. At the same time, Sunway will keep optimize organization resources, increase the operational ability, and hire more higher potential people to let the company grow bigger. Partner mechanism would encourage everyone of us to stay together and achieve more successes.

Sunway has gone through a succeed decade. 2017 is a new start for another 10 years, we will keep moving on. At last, I wish you all the blessings of a beautiful new year.

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